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About EcoMarco Roofing

EcoMarco Metal Roofing Contractor began as Marco Roofing Inc.  While travelling to Ontario we saw so many beautiful metal roofs which had never before been seen in Quebec.  In 2011 we began our quest to find the best, and longest lasting product available.  The following year we began helping Quebec residents, providing them with quality metal roofs.

Since 2012, we have helped hundreds of Quebec residents by providing and installing a safe and quality metal roof on their home.  A metal roof from EcoMarco is well known, unique, and irreplaceable.  We offer aluminum and steel roofing at an affordable cost, our price is unbeatable, and our quality unmatched.  Your new EcoMarco metal roof comes with a 50 year metal warranty and 30 years for colour protection.

EcoMarco Roofing is committed to actively promoting the company name by building brand recognition and loyalty among customers.

With years of home renovation experience, we have amassed a great understanding of today’s highly competitive business world and the true needs and desires of homeowners throughout Quebec.  We know that our residential roofing customers take pride in their homes; and that quality improvements will only add to their enjoyment of homeownership, and to the value of their investment.